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Insulated containerer
  • Possibilities for special containers

  • If you are interested in special containers, please, check as first our gallery of the special containers that we made until now.

  • We are able to adapt our standard 8ft/10ft/15tft/20ft/40ft storage containers according to requests of the customer or to built up the new container with dimensions (width, length or height) different than standard. Our biggest containers until now - 40ft (length 12 192 mm) with height 2990 mm and 30ft (length 9 000 mm) with height 2 990 mm and width 2 990 mm. 

  • Other possibilities: 

    - Electrical installation according tocustomer requirements
    - additional double container door,personal door 
    - position according to customer requirements 
    - additional PWC window with integratedroller shutter, with/ without grids - position according to customerrequirements
    - partitions
    - Insulation with mineral wool
    - openings with frames - Flanges - pipes with outer / inner thread
    - ...
  • In case of further questions we are at you disposal at odbyt@kovosipox.sk and sales@kovosipox.sk